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  • Marc Greenberg

California’s Family Court System Reviewed

Litigants can appeal a court ruling—but generally only if there is a transcript of the proceedings. However, most counties have eliminated family court reporters to save money. Stahly, at CSU San Bernardino, found that more than half of family court hearings she analyzed “were held without a court reporter present, thus precluding an appeal.” Litigants may opt to have a reporter present, but in Sacramento they must pay $478 a day for the service. One of Court Reform LLC’s primary goals is to require family courts to produce transcripts of courtroom proceedings at no cost to litigants. Eugene Hyman, a retired judge of the Santa Clara Superior Court, says the elimination of court reporters “could allow a judge to cut corners.”Salcido, in San Diego County, says the absence of court reporters has created “a due process nightmare” from which “the integrity of the whole system is lost.” Still, Belote insists it’s not judicial fouls that usually....MORE

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