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  • Marc Greenberg

Court Reporter Shortage: Field Faces Lack of Recruits

In college athletics, the biggest factor in success is recruiting. But attracting talented people is not confined to the world of college sports, and when it comes to the field of court reporting, the inability to recruit people to the profession is reaching a near crisis across the country. The job of court reporter is an essential component to the court system -- courts cannot operate without people to keep the official written record of the proceedings. Five years ago, an industry study predicted there would be a shortage of more than 5,000 court reporters by this year, and while there are no firm numbers to verify how accurate that prediction was, anecdotally there is evidence of the shortage. In Kansas, Illinois, South Carolina and Florida, the shortage of court reporters has led to delays of court proceedings. And while court reporters in Mississippi say there is a shortage here, too, it has not....MORE

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