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A Taste of the Impeachment Trial

A Taste of the Impeachment Trial

The most action came in the guise of stenographers - all female - who stood at the front keyboarding every spoken word. They had their black machines draped around their necks on thick straps that held the keyboard at the perfect angle at their waist.  Tough job.  Total concentration on the task at hand.

Just before the little hand of a big, antique, formal clock, mounted above Chief Justice Roberts on the face of the gallery railing, ticked to the quarter hour, a replacement stenographer strolled down the center aisle.  There, she took her place next to the stenographer completing her turn.  For just a few seconds, they keyboarded simultaneously. At the exact quarter hour mark, the first stenographer stopped keyboarding and strolled out of the chamber, presumably headed off to the room where she would begin transcribing the arcane keyboarding she had completed into a fully legible transcript for the congressional record.

I don’t know how many stenographers were in the rotation for.....MORE

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