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  • Marc Greenberg

CharaChorder is Keyboard That Promises up to 300 WPM

The world’s fastest typists have been able to hit speeds up to 216 words per minute using QWERTY or Dvorak keyboards. That’s a lot faster than the rate at which most folks type (the average is 41 wpm), but not as fast as the speed with which stenogrophers can enter text using machines which support “chorded” text input so you can enter syllables or words by pressing multiple keys at once.

Some stenographers can go at 300 words per minute, and the English language record is 360 wpm. Stenographs are commonly used by court reporters who create real-time transcripts of courtroom proceedings. But they’re not particularly common for home use.

But a new product called CharaChorder aims to bring chorded text input to the masses — the company behind the product demonstrated their new text input device at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, and they say it let users type at 200-300 wpm....MORE

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