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Jeffrey Weigl - 2016 NCRA Speed Champ - Radio Interview

Jeffrey Weigl is an official court reporter, he talks about what the job entails and his big first place finish in a shorthand speed contest. Think fast. You’ll have to if you want to match Jeffrey Weigl. You’ll also have to write fast, too.The Edmonton court reporter has just been crowned champion at the National Court Reporters Association’s annual speed contest. The contest, held every year in the U.S., pits court reporters against each other in a series of tests to see who can take the most accurate transcriptions of dictations. In other words, Weigl is the Usain Bolt of stenography.Three tests are taken. The first is a literary reading — usually a speech — read at 225 words a minute. The second is similar but involves far more legal jargon — much like the judgment delivered at the end of a trial — at 235 words a minute.....MORE

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