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Court Reporter Morris Anderson to Retire After 53 Years

Morris Anderson, a longtime court reporter described by co-workers as an icon who came with the Morgan County Courthouse, will retire this month after 53 years on the job.Anderson, the father of District Attorney Scott Anderson, will retire May 19 as the court reporter for Circuit Judge Jennifer Howell, his fourth judge since he started his career in 1964. “Back then, there were ashtrays and spittoons in the jury box,” he said during a recent interview. “I remember I had this one judge who would blow smoke rings. ”Co-workers noted Anderson for his practical jokes, his keen memory, his unusual knowledge of the inner workings of the courthouse, and his championing of regular people. “It didn’t matter what was going on, if anything unusual was happening, he would get the details. He just always has his ear to the track,” Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson said. Said Howell: “He helps people feel at ease in the courtroom. Sometimes, all you need....MORE

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