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  • Marc Greenberg

CART Provider Make a Town Meeting More User Friendly

The second upgrade was the real-time transcript of the meeting that was projected at the front of the room.The service, called Communication Access Real-Time Translation, or CART, is meant as an aid to deaf people and those who are hard of hearing. It’s not a new service in the state, but Monday night, November 13, was the first time it was used at a Sandwich Town Meeting. Assistant Town Manager Doug Lapp said he worked with Mr. White and the newly reinstituted Sandwich Disabilities Commission to make it a reality for Monday’s meeting. “We’ve had requests in the past but there are only a few CART providers in the state,” he said. “But I’d like to have this service going forward. We already talked to them about locking someone in for next May’s annual meeting. ”Mr. White said the stenographer is paid $120 per hour, plus travel expenses. He estimated that Monday’s CART service cost the town $350. “But I haven’t received the final bill yet,” he said. “But if it gets even one more person out to the meeting because of it, it’s worth it.” Also new to Town Meeting—albeit....MORE

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