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Carolyn S. Fant - Court Reporter

In 1966, Carolyn began the course work and training required to become a certified stenographic court reporter. In less than one year, she mastered stenography, passed the certification exam, and began her career as a freelance court reporter in Little Rock. In 1972, Chief United States District Judge G. Thomas Eisele hired Carolyn as his court reporter, a position she served in, with great distinction, for the next twenty-six years. Judge Eisele was a brilliant trial judge, with a keen legal mind that allowed him to sometimes gust up to 300 words per minute of complex legal theories, liberally sprinkled with latin phrases. While this would have been daunting to most court reporters, Carolyn loved everything about working for Judge Eisele. She was not shy about admonishing fast-talking lawyers to "slow down," but she never made that suggestion a single time to Judge Eisele, who relished the privilege of being the only one in the courtroom allowed to talk as fast as....MORE

court reporter

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