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  • Marc Greenberg

Moorpark Woman’s Business is Blooming

She left her 19-year career working in court reporting and litigation support services to focus on her new endeavor.In November 2016, the company launched with two flavors of hibiscus-based drinks: Zen, a mix of chamomile and lavender, and Uplift, made from yerba mate tea. “We launched last year. We just had our anniversary, and here we are,” Coleman said. “We’re doing fantastic. We’re being served locally. ”She said the company has sold over 6,000 bottles but declined to comment on how much she has invested in the company. The red-hued drinks are served at The Stonehaus, Bogies and Wades Wines in Westlake Village and McGregor’s in Moorpark. And while Coleman is happy to see her company grow locally, she’s most excited to hear about how Blüm has filled a need for others. “I really feel like there’s a niche of people that have been ignored, and it’s really exciting to see people get excited about (Blüm) themselves,” Coleman said. “It’s been fun.”Blüm Beverages donates.....MORE

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