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  • Marc Greenberg

Judges Debate Rule Governing Court Recordings

The proposed rule allows lawyers to use their devices but requires jurors, witnesses, parties and spectators to turn off their devices while in the courtroom. The proposed rule also only allows lawyers to record courtroom proceedings if there is no court reporter present. Another change mandates that news media and other parties wishing to record court proceedings must file a written request “at least 24 hours where practicable” prior to a proceeding. The judge must then notify parties and witnesses and, if any object, “promptly hold a hearing” on the matter. The current Rule 22 only requires an unspecified “timely” request. Many courts have initiated their own 24-hour limit. Fulton County’s Rule 22 application, for instance, states that 24 hours is required for the application “to be deemed timely. ”Another section bars any.....MORE

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