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  • Marc Greenberg

Court Reporter Shortage Impacts Trials/Hearings

There is a profession right now where workers are in high demand and the median salary is $51,300.The profession is that of a court reporter."I write down everything that everybody says in court," said Cindy Isaacsen, who has been a court reporter for 30 years.Currently, the state of Kansas has 11 open positions for court reporters. The state of Missouri lists 15 openings. Sharon Cahill is the Managing Reporter for Wyandotte County. She said Wyandotte County has a budget for 10 positions for court reporters to record what happens in county courtrooms. They are currently down three reporters."So, almost a third of our staff," said Cahill.She hasn't been able to find anyone to replace the people who left those positions. That sometimes affects court dates, inconveniencing.....MORE

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