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Shawnee Judge Disciplined for Harassing Female Colleagues

A judicial disciplinary board on Friday admonished a retired Shawnee County District Court judge for workplace harassment that included swatting a court reporter’s buttocks. The Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications determined Frank J. Yeoman Jr., who announced his retirement in September, violated multiple rules of conduct through five examples of undisputed complaints. The order, filed this week, prevents Yeoman from holding judicial office again, including a senior judge position. Yeoman must stay retired and avoid further offensive actions.In June and July, the commission received “several” complaints of harassment which commission examiner Todd Thompson investigated. In addition to swatting a court reporter on the buttocks, Yeoman massaged the shoulders and neck of a court reporter, put his hands on a court reporter’s waist, provided significant gifts to women at the courthouse, and pursued personal relationships with women judges and court reporters, the.....MORE

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