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  • Marc Greenberg

From Typewriters to Steno Machines

Hill was an established stenographer and a Rider College faculty member. His collection features books and memorabilia from the early days of education. “[Hills’s collection] goes back to the early years of business education,” said Telonidis. “There’s a variety of subjects represented including accounting, penmanship and bookkeeping. ”Lloyd’s collection highlighted the art of typewriting which was introduced to the college in the late 1800s. “Lloyd’s collection has over 700 items on the subject of typewriting,” said Telonidis. “This man was an expert in the field of typewriting and was the chief editor of the McGraw Hill Book Company in their typewriting division. ”The most significant part of the display is the vast collection of shorthand material collected by Louis A. Leslie, an American author whose work with Gregg shorthand influenced many academic institutions.Shorthand, which...MORE

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