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  • Marc Greenberg

NYS Senator Wants to Find Money for Stenographer

Brean: "When you heard the Administrator say they can't get cases done quickly because they can't afford a stenographer, what did you think about that?" Sen. Catharine Young, (R) 57th District: "I thought it was shocking and very surprising testimony because it's the first time I've heard Mr. Tembeckjian say something like that." Brean: "Do you think the Commission ought to get money to be able to hire a stenographer?" Sen. Catharine Young, (R) 57th District: "Absolutely I think they should. We want to be as careful as we can be with taxpayer money. we don't want to have it wasted. But at the same time I think it would be a good investment to make sure these cases in an expeditious manner."

The state budget has.....MORE

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