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  • Marc Greenberg

Made in Chicago Museum - Stenograph Machine

“The Stenograph was the best machine ever made. It would work with or without oil. Every bearing was like a jewel.” —Robert T. Wright (1906-2000) Now I will admit from the outset, Robert Wright’s opinion of the Stenograph might not be entirely unbiased, considering he owned six patents related to the machine’s invention and spent roughly 50 years presiding over the company that produced it. Even so, the objective proof is in the proverbial pudding. Nearly 80 years after the first Stenograph Shorthand Machine entered the lives of America’s secretaries and court reporters, the brand has become a proprietary eponym within the culture, a la Kleenex or Band-Aids. If you’re wondering, yes, stenography is still big business in the 21st century, and while the tool of the trade has evolved with.....MORE

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