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  • Marc Greenberg

Judge Sued for Coaching Prosecutor

Thomason requested the court reporter's audio recording of the hearing. The court reporter declined to give it up, saying the recording was exempt from the open records act. Thomason then sued. He was still unsuccessful. The court reporter, in turn, sued Thomason. She said he defamed her by writing that witnesses believed her transcript was inaccurate. She later dropped her lawsuit but wanted Thomason to pay for his attorney's fees. Thomason and Stookey, who was representing him, said they heard Weaver paid for the reporter's lawyer with public money. Thomason said this was unethical. The court reporter is not a county employee. That's what prompted his open records request in 2016, as well as Stookey's subpoena. In the emails, Weaver's law clerk advised that Stookey did not follow proper procedure in issuing the subpoena. According to the indictment, his action was identity.....MORE

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