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Arkansas Court Reporter Pushes for Disease Cure

Amanda Poe spends her days listening to people talk. She hangs on their every word, making sure to catch every nuance and turn of phrase. As the court reporter for Circuit Judge Leon Johnson in Pulaski County, her job is to make sure the voice of everyone who speaks in court is heard and preserved. But today, Poe is in Washington, D.C., hoping that legislators, policymakers and health care officials will listen to her and husband Jeremy when the couple, married for about 17 years, speaks out about living with the challenges of Parkinson's disease and what survivors like Jeremy Poe need for treatment, care and research. "They're expecting [Parkinson's diagnoses] to double by 2040. It's something that's affecting younger generations more and more. It's hard to get support. It's hard to get diagnosed," she....MORE

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