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Court Reporter Details Her Spiritual Encounter With God

Not everyone can have a spiritual encounter with God, let alone record a detailed transcription of conversation. Court reporter and author, Melissa Klima, shares her line by line transcribed meeting with God in her new book, “Deposition of God.” On August 16, 2017, Klima heard God’s voice. As a result, she decided to take his deposition, ask him various challenging questions, and record his answers. Klima can testify to the presence of God and his thoughts on some of life’s greatest mysteries. Klima asks the most sought out questions in society such as “why are we here,” “when does a soul enter the physical body,” and “what happens when we die?” God’s answers allow readers to achieve a greater level of awareness that will not only benefit their lives, but the entire world as well. “As a court reporter, I’ve taken hundreds of depositions and...MORE

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