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  • Marc Greenberg

The Courtrooms of the Future

While same day, next day and longer turnaround transcription using QWERTY keyboards is routinely done, and audio recordings still transferred to teams of transcribers, the requirement for instant access to information has also meant that real-time court reporting is an in-demand service, particularly for long-running, complex hearings. A real-time reporting team, consisting of a stenographer and editor, attends the hearing to take down proceedings in court as the words are spoken. This enables the words to appear on screen within a few seconds. Stenographers are highly skilled and can write at up to 280 words a minute at very high levels of accuracy. Access to the real-time feed gives lawyers the opportunity to follow a hearing remotely, either from a desktop or via a tablet or smartphone, and exchange messages with those in the court. It is now the custom that court reporters and.....MORE

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