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Penny Wile - Owner of Penny Wile Reporting

Penny Wile admits that she "was a horrible typist" in high school. But since then, she's built up her career as a court reporter. Wile is owner of Penny Wile Court Reporting. Raised in Virginia Beach, she graduated from Princess Anne High School, and attended Old Dominion University before becoming interested in court reporting. She trained at the Reporting Academy of Virginia and is certified in three models of reporting by the National Court Reporters Association. She's also received two Virginia Awards of Excellence.She began her career in 1981, first as a freelance court reporter, then worked for a U.S. District Court judge. She started her business in 2007. As the sole proprietor and the sole employee, “I’m it,” she said, “but I have reporters that I call upon to cover matters when I am overbooked. In turn, I cover matters for other reporters in addition to my client base. We network with.....MORE

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