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  • Marc Greenberg

Broward Wrestles with Court Reporter Shortage

Court reporting agencies in Broward are losing employees, and administrators are being urged to make the jobs more attractive before felony cases are affected by a shortage. Court reporters are the transcribers of hearings and trials — their job is to take down every word spoken by everyone in a legal proceeding. When needed, they provide the official record that can later be used by judges, defendants, plaintiffs, and lawyers. Appellate courts rely on these transcripts to make decisions about whether defendants received due process and whether the judges gave a sound reason for a decision. New trials can be ordered on the basis of a few errant words by a judge, prosecutor or witness. “It’s my job to not be noticed,” said Carrie Barros, spokeswoman for Boss Certified Realtime Reporting, one of two businesses that provide the bulk of services in Broward’s felony division. “I don’t need to be seen or heard. If we’re not there, people....MORE

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