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  • Marc Greenberg

Suspect's Laptop Thrown Barely Missed Court Reporter

Galloway's trial began dramatically, with the defendant chucking a laptop across the courtroom and narrowly missing a court reporter. Since then, he's been calmer but has still shown defiance in more subtle ways, said Lance Benzel, a reporter with 11 News' partner The Gazette who has been in the courtroom for the entire trial. "He has refused to dress up for the trial, so he’s wearing his El Paso County jail jumpsuit. He is refusing to stand for the jury when the jury is brought into the courtroom, or when it leaves he is not standing for the judge. There are signs that might be interpreted as disrespect toward the process, but apart from those there haven't been further outbursts since the laptop was thrown," Benzel told 11 News. Galloway also refused to take the stand. Benzel says Galloway only wanted to...MORE

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