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  • Marc Greenberg

Motion Hearing on Brotze vs. City Case Delayed

Without a court reporter available, attorneys for both the plaintiff and defendant in a lawsuit against the city of Carlinville and three other entities decided to postpone Friday’s scheduled motion hearing at the Macoupin County Courthouse. The motion hearing, which was to have been presided by Judge April Troemper, will be rescheduled for Friday, Aug. 10 at 10 a.m. Troemper’s regular court reporter is out on medical leave, meaning there were only two court reporters for three courtrooms. Thus with no reporter available, the lawyers concurred to postpone the hearing until Aug. 10. Camille and Wayne Brotze are suing the city of Carlinville, the village of Dorchester and Jersey County Rural Water Company forming a regional water company illegally. The lawsuit states that the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company is illegally.....MORE

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