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  • Marc Greenberg

Realtime Court Reporting Changes Litigation

Right now, several courthouses are trying out fully automated dedicated real-time court reporting machines that can “listen” and record the conversations. In fact, these machines can transcribe in real-time. However, not all judges, attorneys, and clients prefer them since they often “mishear” words. Since they are automated, they lack the discretion than human reporters have. They keep recording and transcribing even when the client and his lawyer are sharing a word in private. They are static systems, and they still face a severe threat from manual court reporters, who take help from applications on their iPads or smartphones to transcribe the shorthand messages. In the 21st century, online libraries of legal documents and Certified Access Real-time Translation (CART) have increased the accuracy of the transcripts and allowed faster turnaround. Modern stenotype machines have.....MORE

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