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Court Reporter - Vicarious Trauma

For six years Tanya Martin worked as a court reporter in regional Queensland. Each day she sat alone with earphones on, carefully listening to each word spoken during a criminal trial. Her job was to transcribe cases correctly. Tanya heard stories of petty crime, murder and child abuse. “You'd have to go over and over and even if it's something that you couldn't stomach the first time, you had to listen again and again to get every word,” Martin told Insight. While she was able to omit the details of most serious offences from her mind, there were two cases of child abuse she still can’t shake. “It was the same case and it may have even gone on for a few days or a week… but I felt like I knew this victim really well by the end,” Martin told Insight’s Jenny Brockie. “What she'd been through as a child for four years… it was just things that you couldn't dream.....MORE

court reporter

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