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  • Marc Greenberg

Blind Intern Inspires District Court Employees

While most court reporters rely on their sight and hearing abilities in the courtroom, Ruiz relies on one. "Sometimes she would sit in the back and observe," Gibson explained. "She could pretty much tell if it was a defense attorney or a prosecuting attorney by the things they were saying." As Bernalillo County's District Court's first blind intern, Ruiz uses what's called a BrailleNote to transcribe court hearings. "She followed me around," Gibson said. "We did family court, we did criminal court, we did civil court. "She taught us a lot as far as, things that we're not aware of every day, such as elevators — how to get around the building. When you hear the elevator ding once is up and twice is down — things that we take for granted." Ruiz said it was her mother, a legal....MORE

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