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  • Marc Greenberg

Houston Captioner Keeps Audiences up to Speed

When Marie Bryant first encountered stenography in community college, she never imagined the profession would take her to Japan, Italy and Scotland, give her a prime seat at Super Bowls and Final Fours, or that her work would be enshrined in a presidential library. Bryant also knew no one who was hard of hearing when she transitioned from court reporting to realtime captioning upon her return to Texas 18 years ago, but advocates say she has become a crucial resource for Houston’s disability community, particularly as an aging population spurs the need for a broader understanding of the value of captioning. Bryant has captioned government meetings, performances at Miller Outdoor Theater and other venues, the rodeo and every local professional sports team’s games, as well as weddings, worship services and funerals, including that of former first lady Barbara Bush, a transcript of which...MORE

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