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  • Marc Greenberg

State Trial Courts Trying to Find Enough Court Reporters

ix months after a state Supreme Court ruling that forced local courts to provide court reporters in civil cases involving poor litigants, the courts are working to hire scores of reporters while state court administrators are gearing up to ask for additional funding in 2019. Courts are hustling to fill open slots to comply with the high court’s ruling. The state Judicial Council, the policy making authority for the state court system, decided soon after the court’s ruling that it would ask for more money in the state budget in the new year so poor people will be able to have court reporters for their cases. “This issue is very emergent and is going to have a very significant impact on us in the coming year,” Jake Chatters, a council member and executive officer in Placer County said at a meeting in July when the council said seeking the funds would be a priority in its.....MORE

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