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  • Marc Greenberg

For 30 Years, Court-Reporting Firm Has Played Key Role

As a seventh-grader, Pam Griffin was stumped for a subject when assigned to do a career report for class. In response, her mother emerged with a court-reporting machine. Pam’s mother dreamed of being a court reporter and went to school to prepare for that career. She worked for former Arizona Gov. Ernest McFarland and reported at an industry trade show every year, but left the workforce to dedicate more time to care for her six children. “She showed me her schoolbooks and brief books," Pam recalled. "She still had paper in the machine. "This sparked an interest that resulted in Griffin Group International, the court-reporting firm Pam started in 1987. At the time, the small Phoenix firm was known as Griffin and Associates and was the state’s first. It has grown to.....MORE

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