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  • Marc Greenberg

National Court Reporting Week Recognizes the Fastest Fingers in New York

There is no shortage of trials, grand juries, depositions and hearings in Queens and throughout New York City. There is, however, a shortage of people to transcribe those proceedings — and to perform real-time captioning and other services where rapid, accurate writing is vital. Court reporting is a particularly valuable job, though reporters’ essential function can be overlooked by people unfamiliar with courtroom proceedings. “We’re guardians of the record and we want students to celebrate and be proud,” said Karen Santucci, Court Reporting Program chair at Plaza College, which celebrated National Court Reporting Week with games, events and a trip to Queens Criminal Court. With their vital skills in such high demand, court reporters can make well over $100,000 a year while writing hundreds of thousands of words per week and millions of words per year. Freelancers often earn $3.25 for a standard 25-line page and transcriptions can reach 200 pages, or $650, Long Island Business Institute Assistant Campus Director Michelle Houston told the Eagle last year. “The money could be phenomenal,” Santucci said.Students typically arrive at Plaza with zero experience on....MORE

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