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  • Marc Greenberg

Stenography Stole My Mother's Fingerprints

My mother has no fingerprints. Or, at least, she has no identifiable fingerprints. This is a fact she learned at a federal courthouse, where they run a background check on every contract employee before granting them access to the hallowed halls. My mother’s prints turned up as little more than a smudge. They did not give up any pertinent information as to who she was or what she might have done. My mother is not a criminal. She is a freelance court reporter, a career she began when I was three. She types approximately two hundred and twenty-five words per minute. She switched careers from legal secretary to stenotype because she wanted to make her own hours and be her own boss. My father was a Kentucky State Trooper who worked unpredictable hours at best. I was an only child who often interrupted my mother’s work in her....MORE

court reporter

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