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Court Reporter Runs Announces Candidacy for Magisterial District Judge

Powell Markle is the daughter of Harold E. Powell Jr. and Lois Kay Powell of Mifflintown, sister of Major Wolf J. Powell, USMC, married to Sarah King Powell, Jacksonville, NC; and the mother of Tiffany L. Mast, Mifflintown, married to Justin Mast. She has one granddaughter, two nieces, and a nephew. A freelance court reporter for 20 years, Powell Markle graduated from Central Pennsylvania Business College. She is also a notary public, a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries, and administers an oath and swears witnesses in at all proceedings she covers. In making her announcement, Powell Markle expressed appreciation to those who encouraged her to run, and outlined her desire to serve the local communities. “I have had my finger on the pulse of.....MORE

court reporter

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