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  • Marc Greenberg

6 Reasons Digital Court Reporting Can’t Replace a Human Stenographer

Nearly every industry has seen drastic improvement from embracing digital technology. For instance, purely digital internet provides speeds that are impossible to achieve with a dialup modem.

While digital technology has significantly improved our lives, it’s not always the superior option. Arguments about sound quality aside, the potential for digital technology to outright fail is often overlooked. When digital technology is used in the courtroom, equipment failure could alter the outcome of a case.

For court reporters, the potential for digital tools to fail and fall short is the reason digital court reporters can’t replace human stenographers.

Accurate court reporting requires a human being

Think about the number of times you’ve watched a movie or a video on YouTube and couldn’t understand what someone was saying. That’s the biggest problem with....MORE

court reporter

Now is the time to start a court reporting program and start that career!

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