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  • Marc Greenberg

Court Reporter Putting Shorthand Pen Away After 50 Years

The official court reporter to four different circuit judges and numerous associates for more than five decades is putting away her pen, paper and typewriter to head off into the sunset — or more accurately, to Sun City, Ariz., with husband Bob.

That’s correct. No court-reporting machine or computer for this dynamo.

For her entire career as a court stenographer, she has written the verbatim record of court proceedings on a pad of paper with an ink pen, using an artful system of elliptical figures and lines known as Gregg shorthand.

Gilpin learned shorthand in high school and after graduating, took a job with a lawyer. She took a break from working when she and Bob started their family. When their two sons started school, she agreed to try her hand at court reporting. “I.....MORE

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