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  • Marc Greenberg

Plans to Halt Impending Shortage of Court Reporters

It’s probably one of the most important jobs that no one has ever heard of or knows about.

“They call it the profession that is the world’s best kept secret,” joked Teresa Ozuna, the court reporting services supervisor for the 10th Judicial Circuit

Court reporters are a vital cog in the criminal justice system as they record, word for word, everything that is said in a proceeding — be it a trial, bond hearing or a sentencing. Without those transcripts, there couldn’t be an appeal to a higher court. Real life isn’t the TV drama “Law & Order,” where hearings were conducted as the parties walked down a hallway.

Despite that, there is a fear that within 10 to 15 years, there will be a large shortage of court reporters due to many reaching retirement age. To counter that, the.....MORE

court reporter

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